Pez Visitor Center

Orange, CT

As part of a collaborative team effort to design the new PEZ Visitor Center at the PEZ US headquarters, RGLA contributed the conceptual design, design development, and interior architectural services for the addition to the corporate headquarters of this iconic brand. The two story “Wall of PEZ”  greets visitors as they walk into the Center’s  ticketing area while it communicates the scope of the brand’s influence and reach. Once inside the exhibit space, the “World’s Largest PEZ Dispenser” celebrates the product in a big way and welcomes visitors to the PEZ experience. The PEZ Chronology exhibit validates the brand’s place in history and its influence on pop culture. Arches, Vitrines, and Vaults are placed to create a sense of discovery as they form a path to draw you through the experience. The Arches encompass the community area and showcase the collection into smaller, focused presentations. The environment is thoroughly branded using layered graphic elements that carry the theme, colors, messages and motifs throughout the space representing vintage PEZ images as well as graphic elements from PEZ current packaging. The retail area continues the theme of discovery while organizing product for sale into easy to shop stories, highlighting licensed product features on end caps with high impact graphics. The view into the actual working Factory Tour authenticates the experience while custom exhibits, fixtures and unique environmental branding elements all work together to bring everyone’s favorite characters to life creating an immersive Pez experience.


  • Client PEZ Candy Inc., USA
  • Categories Environmental Graphics, Flagship, Food & Beverage, Graphic Design, Retail Design, Showroom Design, Specialty Retail, Sports & Entertainment
  • Chain Store Age Retail Design Awards Retail Store of the Year Runner Up
  • Retail Design Institute Awards 2012 1st Place Museum Retail / Hospitality Retail