House of VANS Chicago

Chicago, IL

Always embracing and fueling creative expression through art, music, skateboarding, BMX, street culture and fashion; Vans created the House of Vans concept to offer a solid platform for local communities to experience and engage with Vans’ ‘Off The Wall’ spirit. As Architect of Record for Vans, RGLA collaborated with the Vans team to implement the House of Vans Chicago. This project was unique given that the space was zoned for warehouse storage, and the city of Chicago did not have any specific guidelines for how Vans planned to use the space. We attended meetings with the alderman’s office, building department, fire department, and department of cultural affairs to determine the best course of action to maintain the aggressive project schedule. Once we determined that the city would allow this space to operate under special event permits, we worked with the Vans construction team and the House of Vans team to complete a set of construction drawings to implement the concept. The House of Vans newly built skatepark and lounge spaces have been designed with Chicago in mind. As the only existing indoor skatepark in the Chicago metropolitan area, local skaters will experience a custom-built course, featuring the re-imagination of iconic West Coast skate spots, Lockwood and China Banks, plus additional obstacles for every skill level. The backdrop to the Lockwood-inspired obstacle features an ivy-covered wall that pays homage to Wrigley Field, using ‘66, Vans’ founding year as the outfield distance marker. Additionally, guests can enjoy a beautifully re-purposed Goose Island brewpub bar that was originally located steps away from Wrigley Field.


  • Client VF Corporation - VANS
  • Categories Architecture, Lifestyle Brand, Program Management, Specialty Retail, Sports & Entertainment
  • Photos Courtesy of VANS