Alys Shoppe

Alys Beach, FL

Alys Beach, a luxury resort community renowned both for its distinctive design, and natural beauty and serenity, set the bar high for its first retail shop. RGLA was invited to partner with the Alys Beach team to create the first venue in the newly emerging Town Center, setting the scene for upcoming development, while welcoming guests to shop and engage with the brand. Much more than your typical boutique, the client envisioned a reflection of the ethos of Alys Beach so clear that it could only be named “Alys Shoppe.”

To facilitate the client’s goal of creating not just a place to shop, but also an indulgent escape, RGLA designed the 2,200-square-foot retail space to support shopping and gathering for the community. Custom fixtures and merchandising components were designed while props and furniture were selected to allow the merchandise to be presented in striking and flexible displays, supporting Alys Beach exclusive product, and the development of Alys Beach local and regional impact areas to make the boutique unique. RGLA developed a key branding statement focal wall to incorporate digital images instilling a sense of pride of place, while offering a constantly changing glimpse of upcoming local events. A furnished lounge area, so much more than a typical fitting room complex, was created to allow visitors to relax and mingle while shopping in this highly personalized environment. Throughout the project, RGLA worked closely and collaboratively with the management teams for resort construction and operations, providing architectural services, as well as supporting the merchandising team with flexible scalable design solutions, as the product offering was being developed in tandem with the store design concept.


  • Client Alys Beach
  • Categories Environmental Graphics, Lifestyle Brand, Retail Design, Specialty Retail, Travel & Hospitality