Nashville Predators Team Store

NHL - Nashville, TN

RGLA was selected by Delaware North to design a Flagship for the Nashville Predators at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN to maximize the retail opportunity at the arena and increase visibility of the brand and its retail location for both game and non-game days. RGLA’s design incorporated an exterior signage program that captivates pedestrians and highlights the flagship from far taking advantage of pedestrian traffic flow generated by the new convention center and hotel. The store interior was inspired by the honky tonk vibe of Nashville and the thrill and excitement of the Predators hockey culture. The infusion of the yellow brand color as a prominent design element juxtaposed dark wood wall accents makes a bold statement for the brand blending the two cultures in a visual way. Hockey sticks were used as inspiration for feature walls and tables to energize the space with elements of hockey. Digital screens were positioned prominently within the space to create a dynamic environment that brings the energy of the game into the store. A dramatic and visible cahswrap experience improves customer flow, minimizing customer wait times, while a bold branding statement creates a lasting impression. All in all…color and materials, lighting and fixture selections work together with graphics and signage to make a one of a kind brand experience celebrating the Nashville Predators and their fans.


  • Client Delaware North - Nashville Predators
  • Categories Architecture, Environmental Graphics, Flagship, Graphic Design, Retail Design, Specialty Retail, Sports & Entertainment