Fashion Place, Utah

FANZZ is an authentic, celebratory brand that sells team logo apparel. The name is reference to their primary shopper, the fan, with a nod to their home town team, the Utah Jazz. This new prototype by RGLA builds on the passion of the fan, with powerful displays and visual backdrops that reference the stadium experience and bring the excitement of the game into the store environment. Solving for the challenges of a narrow footprint, RGLA brought a unique solution to the store, which skews the presentation from their current “transactional” approach to a more “experiential” approach with visual cues and breaks that add a sense of excitement for each of the sports’ categories in season. Headwear, an important sales category is highlighted as a feature zone in the center of the store to drive the shopper in. Featuring materials that reference the game, the court, the stadium and all things sports, the new design elicits the emotion of being part of the game day experience and celebrates what it means to be a fan.


  • Client FANZZ
  • Categories Environmental Graphics, Program Management, Retail Design, Specialty Retail, Sports & Entertainment