Coldwater Creek

Wayside Commons, Burlington, MA

Since Coldwater Creek relaunched their iconic brand in 2014, over a million customers – both longtime fans and happy newcomers – have shopped their catalog and website. To continue to build upon this momentum, Coldwater Creek engaged RGLA to create a new retail environment that paralleled the brand positioning of their on-line and direct mail experiences. The newly re-imaged retail concept takes cues from the brand’s founding, the majestic scenery of the great Northwest. The inspiring color palette, as well as texture and textile influences from this region, provide the cues for this approachable, comfortable environment that encourage exploration. The design is also influenced by the same timeless natural beauty with a dash of rustic artisan appeal that is synonymous of Coldwater Creek. The use of a variety of wood treatments, including white wood ceiling beams, shiplap and reclaimed wood wall paneling, gives the space its approachable sense of place and overall rustic chic character. The use of copper accents in wall decor and branding elements paired with reclaimed wood accents infuses the space with the artisan appeal of the Coldwater Creek personality. Each collection zone is segmented by an open frame arch way which encourages a sense of discovery as customers move throughout the space. Comfortable seating in the back of the store offers guests a place to relax while waiting just outside the fitting room complex. The use of birch and eucalyptus treatments on the walls and window presentations, along with dimensional branding statements, accentuates the brand’s affinity for nature while communicating Coldwater Creek’s values rooted in a story rich with spirit and promise.


  • Client Coldwater Creek
  • Categories Architecture, Environmental Graphics, Program Management, Retail Design, Rollout, Specialty Retail
  • Photography Charlie Mayer