MetroMall, Panamá

Estampa, one of the most vibrant junior apparel stores in Panamá, offering fashion forward merchandise, sought RGLA to redesign their stores and make a louder statement about their trendsetter position in the marketplace. With a literally edgy storefront featuring full height, folded glass, RGLA’s design brings attitude and character to the store environment which makes a consistent statement to Estampa’s edgy advertising campaigns. The design incorporates a horizontally folded wall in Shoes and a vertically folded wall in Denim to create a juxtaposed continuity from storefront to the environment. A dash of sparkle and luminescence, as well as bright colorful accents and unique fixtures create a trend focal at entry enticing customers in to experience the new Estampa.


  • Client Estampa
  • Categories Environmental Graphics, Footwear, International, Retail Design, Specialty Retail